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This Privacy Policy hereby apply to your access to the entire website (flexfleet.jp).
Flex Fleet Trading is committed to respecting your privacy.  Your personal data which was collected through this website, such as your name, address, or e-mail address (Personal Data), and/or payment/billing information will be not be provided to any other company or agency.

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We may use cookies to gather and/or store your access history record this website.  However, those information shall be secured and utilized for appropriate use within our organization.

3.  Web Access Records

We gather aggregate statistical information about our website and users, such as IP addresses, browser software, operating system, pages viewed, number of sessions and unique visitors, etc.

4.  Disclosure of Information

We reserve the right to disclose your gathered privacy information in refer to audit, subpoena, other judicial order and/or when we reasonably believe that such disclosure is required by law, regulation or administrative order of any court, governmental or law enforcement authority.

Your inputs on our privacy policy would be greatly appreciated always.  You can send your input via info@flexfleet.jp or by phone or fax.  (See Contact Us)

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